Feb/ 2022 / Report 1


Wed / Feb 2 / Jefferson CI / Chapel / 1PM-3PM


I was tested today. 

I had a movie for the men about the birth of the nation of Israel in 1948, but chow was late and it was around 1:40. I vented some subtle frustration to one of the Chaplains, but kept my cool. Feeling frustrated and a little angry, I started to pray. Then, the men began to show up little at a time till I had a fairly decent turnout. I vented some of my frustration on the men, but was careful not to belittle the staff in any way. During my opening prayer, I actually repented for allowing myself to get so worked up and asked God for forgiveness. Then I told the guys that I had a movie for them and we would watch some of it today and watch the rest next week. But before I started it, I needed to do a couple of worship songs to calm down and get in the proper spirit. It worked beautifully. We sang, and then watched some of the film. I asked the Chaplain if I could go past 3PM but he said that because of Black History Month, there was a class arriving at 3 and I needed to end a little before. By then I was calm and serene so I had the men out before 3. They really liked the movie and thanked me for bringing it in. They all were anxious to see the end next week. Thank God for prayer. 


Thurs / Feb 3 / Madison CI / Celebrate Life Class


I really do enjoy this class. How the men engage in the discussion is a blessing to behold. In this particular discussion on baptism from the book, Your Extraordinary Life by Mark Virkler, a few of the men challenged some of Paul J's and Kenny H's teaching and it opened up somewhat of a debate. The debate centered around a misunderstanding rather than disagreement. After the smoke cleared, all were in agreement and it turned out to be a great lesson. 

I'm touched as to how the men seem to appreciate me coming to this class. I'm not required to come, but compelled to. In their prayers they always thank God for me and the blessing I am to them. The truth is, I come not only to show my support, but to learn. These men are very savvy on the Scriptures and I'm impressed with their passion for the Lord Jesus. 

Paul J asked if anyone wanted to be baptized and four men raised their hand. I'm excited that I was asked to baptize them this coming Saturday during my chapel service. 

I'm also scheduled to do the Sunday morning chapel. Love my job! :-) 


Sat / Feb 5 / Madison CI / KMM Chapel


Wow! We had church tonight! :-) 

The chapel was full to the max with some new faces who came to see the baptisms. Seven men were scheduled to be baptized and they were excited. I brought in a bag with a change of clothes and was immediately caught up in the excitement. The chapel was alive in conversations when I started singing 10000 Reasons. That got the service rolling and then we did Every Praise. I had one of the inmates open in prayer, then turned it over to the worship team so I could go get changed into my baptism clothes.

I baptized those seven men and every time one of them came up out of the water, the room exploded in cheers and praise. I was dancin' in the water! The praise continued while I changed back into my dry clothes and took my place back on the stage. Suddenly I was led by the Spirit to have men come out of the audience and lay hands on the members of the worship team, one man for each member. We prayed over them for unity of spirit and cooperation, coming against any disruption or division, and a fresh anointing on each one to carry on their gifts God gave them. Then, they all decided to pray for me. I am so blessed to call this group my "home church".  It was one of the best and most powerful chapels we've had. 


Sun / Feb 6 / Madison CI / Sunday Chapel


Never would I have expected today's service to compare to the one we had last night, but it did. 

What we left last night was still there today in spirit. The Spanish Worship Team was outstanding and had the place rockin'. Men were up with their hands in the air, praising the Lord as they sang. Some were even dancing! 

I delivered a message on Redemption, naming five "truths" out of Ephesians 1:4-17,                                     and told several powerful stories that related to it. I felt the Holy Spirit's anointing as I spoke and had their undivided attention throughout. I was told by more than one, that it was the most powerful message they had ever heard me give. 

Several men wanted to talk to me afterward and I am going to have to allow more time for that in future services. I only had time to hear from a couple, one of them was very moved by the message and needed to confess some things. The other, had some words of encouragement for me, along with some good advice for my upcoming trip. 

Something good is happening here and I pray that my being gone for a couple of weeks doesn't douse the flame. (in me or anyone else)  

Kenny Munds Ministry

Sat / Feb 26 / Madison FL


I just returned last night from a trip of over 5800 miles. I left Madison on Feb 10th and arrived in California on Feb 13th. My home base was in Altadena, CA, at the home of Nancy Rose. Nancy is the widow of my good friend, Dave Rose, who passed away last August. I was supposed to attend his funeral, but came down with COVID 19 and had to stay home. Nancy had wanted me to come and visit anyway and offered to pay for my flight with her accumulated miles. However, in order to do all I had to do on this trip, I elected to drive rather than deal with busy airports, rental cars, etc. Plus, I had my dog with me. From her home I was able to make the necessary visits to see my son Faron, my granddaughter Karen, and my great grandson Matthew (Mateo) and his mother, Julie. Matthew. I also visited a few good friends from the San Pedro and Redondo Beach areas. (Unfortunately, my grandson, Faron Jr., is currently 

incarcerated at Folsom Prison in Northern California) All in all it was a great time of getting together with family and seeing good friends. My great grandson is precious! 


From California, I arrived back in Phoenix, AZ on the 18th, where I stayed at the home of my good friends, Ron and Evie Sherman. This afforded me another home base to work out of during my time of ministry there. (Not to mention saving the ministry hundreds of dollars in motel expense)

While in Arizona, the team of myself, Kristi Johnson, and Christina Kimbrell, did two programs at the Red Rock Correctional Facility. Then, Kristi and I did a program at Phoenix West State Prison. (Christina was not cleared to enter this facility) All of these institutions are run by a private company, Core-Civic, rather than the state of Arizona. Here is a report on Red Rock from Kristi's email. 


On Saturday, we arrived at Red Rock Facility and were met at the gate by Chaplain Edward Thibodeaux. Chap is a mighty man of God who turned 80 this weekend! He has served men behind bars for decades and our lives are better for knowing him! Chap is well respected by the inmates and correctional leadership. We are grateful for our relationship with him, and for the hard work he and chaplains around the nation do for God's kingdom. They are often overlooked as they do incredibly difficult and thankless work. 


Kenny Munds always kicks off our events. He has such a gift of connecting with inmates and breaking the ice with his anointed music. It doesn't matter how old or young our audience, or their race or gender, God uses Kenny to prepare hearts to receive the truth that God still loves them. After Kenny, I had the privilege of introducing Christina Kimbrel. 



This was Christina's first time speaking in a men's prison. With God's help, she presented beautifully how God restores lives, dreams, and relationships.

Finally, I had the privilege of sharing the Gospel. I encouraged men to evaluate the power sources in their lives. The truth is, something is driving us all. These men, like me and other members of our team, had tried all sorts of power sources that had failed them—the power source of self, people, money, fame. I told them about God, the Power Source that would never fail them. I used many analogies from my water skiing days.




At the end of the event, many men gave their life to the Lord and connected, by faith in Jesus, to God. They committed to get off the dock and go with Him wherever He would lead. What a privilege to be used by God to point people to Christ. The Bible says, we once lived without hope because we lived without God. These men are no longer without hope for today, or eternity. Thank you for making this happen!


The program at Phoenix West drew in over 100 inmates and although we both were tired, we managed to have a great time with the men. (We weren't allowed any pictures for this event)

Decisions were made and from the response during the invitation, many lives were changed. 


Finally, we arrived at Church on the Street, where there were homeless people, ex-cons, addicts and alkies, disciples who came to offer their support, packed into a small chapel. The worship was anointed, and the praise loud and joyful. This is my home church where I was ordained by Pastor Walt Rattray. We had a very powerful program and afterward, dozens came forward for prayer. 


I was prepared to leave on Monday, following our events, but another door opened up for me, so I stayed to do my testimony for a class at the Phoenix Dream Center. My good friends and former partners in ministry from 2005-2009, Cruz Lerma and Judy Drew, had me sing and share with a discipleship class they teach there. I felt God's anointing on me as I shared and the Holy Spirit moved deeply in the hearts who listened. Cruz came up to lead the class in a prayer of renewal and commitment after I had finished. 


There were many friends and donors in the Phoenix area that, had time permitted, I would have liked to have visited. However, I was on a time frame that made this impossible. I did have a meeting with my ministry board before leaving for home on Feb 23rd and arrived back in Madison on Friday, the 25th. 


Sat / Feb 26 / Madison CI / Chapel


I was tired from the trip and concerned that I would not be up to speed for this chapel. I was wishing I could just rest a little while longer. How wrong could I be!

No, I wasn't up to speed, but God was! We had an amazing chapel. Even though there were problems with the sound at first, it was corrected and from that point on, the Holy Spirit took over.

I shared the experience of the trip and when led, I sang songs to emphasize. We were relaxed and united in spirit and had a joyous reunion. It was great to see the men again. 

One of the inmates who works with the music program told me that the Warden and her staff were agreeable to holding revival services out on the yard! I just needed to sign up as a sponsor for the event. Some great things are happening here in Madison CI and I'm proud to have a part in it.