Kenny Munds Ministry



Wed - Nov 17 - Jefferson CI


Met with the men for The Truth Project - Tour 7 - on Sociology. I never take roll, but the men must sign  when they come in, so it looked like most all of them were there. After I got set up to do worship and opened in prayer, I went over my weekend with the Bill Glass team. I told the story about the guitars and how I got lost on the way to the prison in Raiford... about the Jack Murphy memorial... pretty much the whole thing. They always like to hear about my adventures, or so they say. I brought some songbooks with me and had them distributed out to the men. They wanted to hear a couple of older hymns, Blessed Assurance and The Old Rugged Cross and a couple of my originals. After singing, we watched Tour 7 of The Truth Project. I took longer than I should have with the singing and hence we weren't quite finished with the video when it came time to close the class. They were filling out the lesson as they watched so I told them we'd finish when we meet again next class. 


Thurs - Nov 18 - Jefferson CI


The men starting coming in a little past 1PM. They're usually late because of chow and I've grown to accept that as the norm. We were ready to go about 1:20. It was a decent turnout with the chapel about 3/4ths full. I shared with them my weekend with Bill Glass Ministries and did some good worship songs. We had trouble with the guitar I'd brought (Breedlove) and had to use a guitar I had donated to them some time back. I came to the conclusion that God wants me to use the Yamaha that had been restored. Now I'm going to have two of my best guitars in the shop and will be forced to use my "anointed" one. I have two others but I'm a little afraid to try to use them. :-)

After the singing I brought a message of encouragement for those who feel insignificant or worthless in their own eyes titled "A Cup of Cold Water" based on Matthew 10:40-42. A lot of these men suffer from low self-esteem (especially in God's eyes) because of their crime and the officers often times won't let them live it down. We spend a lot of energy focusing on denying the "old" self and not enough time encouraging the "new" self.

I was informed by the Chaplain that my classes will be closed next week due to the Thanksgiving holiday. 


5PM - Madison CI - Celebrate Life Class


After fixing myself a quick supper, I went to join the men of Madison C.I. in their Celebrate Life Class. Rafi (my pup), had to spend a lot of time alone today. 

I enjoy this class. These men are maturing brothers learning how to communicate with God. They really like it when I come in and start things off with some singing. I did about five songs, the last one I wrote titled To Forgive Myself. One of the men started weeping and when I'd finished, he asked if I'd planned on singing it or was "led by the Spirit." I told him the latter. He said just today he'd been struggling with forgiving himself and had asked God to help him with it. It was a intense moment with God's presence very strong. 

They started a video about Hearing God's Voice and I decided to leave early. Before I left, I met with Paul and Kenny (inmate leaders of the class) who gave me a list of the food they request for the upcoming graduation ceremony for this class. I took the list and agreed to take care of it. 

Then I told all the guys I loved them and I'd see them Saturday. 


Sat - Nov 20 - Madison C.I. Chapel


Had a good turnout for chapel. There was a lot of movement because one service ahead of me had just dismissed and guys were leaving for chow while others were coming in. After I got set up with the sound, etc. I opened with a prayer. Earlier I had been so engrossed in college football, I almost forgot I had chapel tonight. I remembered just in time to get my gear together and make it on time. Needless to say, I felt unprepared, spiritually speaking. At first I was intimidated by all the noise but then when I spoke into the microphone, I immediately had their attention. In spite of my "feeling" unprepared, I was relaxed and fell into a worship mode. It always amazes me that God ignores my doubts and uses me anyway. The songs had an anointing I didn't expect. What DID I expect? What a piece of unfinished work I am! :-) The fact is, God refreshed me during the praise and worship like I hadn't experienced in some time. Also, I used the Yamaha restored guitar. 

I delivered a message on "loneliness" that is quite common as we approach the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. It usually hits the inmate population very hard, especially the ones who have no family and hardly (if ever), receive any visits. Using my own experience as a testimony, I was able to connect with many of them who came up afterward to thank me. We had a great service!


Nov 24-25 Jefferson CI 

All programs canceled for Thanksgiving


Nov 28 - FCI Coleman Low - Wildwood, FL 


Today was the first event of a four day tour at Coleman Federal Prison with KOJ Ministries. Kristi Johnson, Pat Avery, and myself did 3 afternoon programs from 1-4PM.  I was allowed to bring in my sound system which is heavy, but on wheels. The guitar is starting to get heavier the older I get. :-)  

These inmates had been confined to their dorms for 20 months. Ours was the first program they would see since then. Instead of bringing all the dorms in together, they were brought in one dorm at a time. We had about 45 min with each one. In the first program, we had a light turnout. We did the same program we would do for a full house and were confident we had a definite impact on those guys that came.

The second group was a little larger and at first they were a little reserved in their response. But as the program progressed they opened up and after we had finished, most all came up to thank us for coming. There were many decisions made that would change lives.  

In the final program the crowd got larger. It was our best effort of the afternoon as this group responded enthusiastically to the testimony and songs I delivered. They listened attentively to Kristi's testimony as she brought a powerful and positive message just like the world champion she is. There were many more life-changing decisions and we had a brief time to fellowship  with the men afterward.


FCI Coleman Work Camp - 5PM


To wrap up our day, we moved down the road to the Coleman Work Camp. Their chapel is small, but was full to begin our program. Most all of these inmates were believers and we ended up having a good prayer meeting with them. After I did my songs, Kristi shared her testimony and then opened it up for prayer requests. Several of the men responded with requests and we all prayed together. We could sense God's presence the whole time. It was a great time of discipling!


Tuesday - Nov 30 - Angel Vasquez - Marion CI


The team met with Angel Vasquez, Complex Mentor Coordinator for The United States Department of Justice, Florida Bureau of Prisons, who had requested the meeting himself. 

Over breakfast, he asked if KOJ Ministries could supply his office with a PDF digital version of the VL Magazine because he wanted to make it available (along with the printed version) in every Federal Institution in Florida. (Up till now, it was only being distributed in State facilities) He went on to say that once that was accomplished, it would eventually spread to EVERY FEDERAL PRISON in the United States! Praise God! My partnership with KOJ Ministries has greatly expanded our Kenny Munds Ministry as we grow along with KOJ. Kristi has officially made me a member of her ministry team. Her Director of Partner Care, Pat Avery, has already scheduled prison events in January for the western Florida Panhandle and In February, Central Arizona. In March, he is working on a tour in Arkansas. I'm truly blessed to have been invited to join forces with Kristi and her team. 


After resting for a few hours, we drove the one-hour drive to Marion CI in Ocala, FL. I didn't need to bring in my sound system as they had a good one of their own. That was a relief! 

We were joined by Denise San Miguel, another member of the KOJ staff, who had appeared in the VL magazine with her story. Kim and Blaine Whitt had built this program at Marion for a while and it was packed because of their efforts. Once again, this was the first program in 20 months. 

The multi-purpose room was packed wall to wall. When all the seats had been taken, men lined the walls behind them. It was a fairly large room also. There were some issues with the count which delayed our start, but when we were able to begin, the atmosphere was electric. The prison worship team led off with a couple of songs and got the guys going. You could tell their hearts in to what they were singing. Blaine welcomed us and introduced me. My stories and songs were well received and the funny ones had some men holding their sides in laughter. Then, I told my story of deliverance from drugs and alcohol and got a standing ovation when I finished with Jesus Loves Me.  Kristi came up after I finished and shared about some of her skiing accomplishments and how God intervened in her success to lead her into the magazine and eventually, prison ministry.  Then she introduced Denise. It  was the FIRST TIME Denise had spoken in a prison! She was so full of gratitude and joy, we wondered if she'd ever stop! It was truly a blessing to hear her story and the men loved it. (All of us got standing ovations this night from these inmates).  

Kristi came up to finish with a strong and challenging message from the Bible and to close the program, she and I sang There Was Jesus. Suddenly, we were out of time, so Pat closed in a prayer and we had to leave. Great service! 


Wednesday - December 1st - Central Florida Reception Center - Orlando, FL


It's December, but thought I should include this event since it ends our recent tour. 

The drive to the Reception Center from the Villages in Wildwood took about an hour and 15 minutes. I drove my own car because Pat was taking Kristi to the airport after the event, and Denise was going to meet us there. 

We arrived during a shift change and got caught up in a wave of officers arriving and passing through security with us. It was crazy. Finally, we got in. Chaplain Damen escorted us to the chapel where I began to set up my sound system. Men were out on the yard but not coming to the chapel. (Later we would discover it had not been promoted or advertised by the Head Chaplain) They were walking by, looking curiously, but not entering. Kristi, Pat, and Denise stood outside the entrance while I went in and cranked up some music, hoping they would hear it and it would draw them in. By the time we started, there was a light turnout. They told us they didn't know anything about us coming. A few minutes into the program, more started coming in. By the time I was introduced, about every seat was filled! God brought us a tough  crowd. Although I personally felt a little flat, the men seemed to enjoy it and Kristi's lively spirit lit them up good. Denise did another great testimony and once again, Kristi and I did the song, There Was Jesus to close the program. Pat led in a prayer of surrender and we dismissed.

A few of the inmates lingered afterward and had intense conversations with Kristi and Denise. Two Spanish-speaking men approached Denise and another inmate corralled Kristi. Pat was in conversation with the Chaplain about improving promotion while I broke down the sound system. Chaplain Damen promised better promotion in the future. 

I stayed another night before driving back to Madison. Kristi caught a plane to North Carolina, Denise drove home in Orlando, Pat drove home to Tampa, and I stayed another night in the Villages before Rafi and I drove home the next day. Rafi, my puppy, had stayed with Kristi's in-laws the whole time.