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Oct 3 – At my Jefferson CCI class from 1-3PM, I sang a couple of songs and read an article by Ruthanna Metzger which was actually an excerpt from Randy Alcorn’s book, Heaven. The article was entitled “It’s Not in The Book”. I encourage you to look it up online and read it. The article paved the way for an invitation, so I made myself available for anyone who wanted to have their name written in the “book”. Then, I showed the film, Priceless, made by Universal Pictures. The room was pretty full, with around the usual 45 or 50 men and the film was having its positive effect. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about human trafficking. During the film, one inmate approached me, wanting prayer. I can’t disclose what he shared with me, but I prayed with him and shared what God told me to share. I never just plow into a prayer anymore like I used to, saying the favorite Christianese phrases, telling God what He needs to do… rather I ask Him first and listen for His voice. Then, whatever He tells me, I share it. The young man went away encouraged, his name in the book!

I was gifted with the Conquer Series (Kingdom Works) by a friend and ordered a study guide and journal to use with it. It’s a powerful series about the battle for purity that so many Christian men and unbelievers alike struggle with…. Pornography! I plan on showing it soon and the Chaplain is printing out posters to put up in all the dorms.  

At Madison CCI I showed the film, UNPLANNED. It had a stunning effect. The inmates asked me to leave it so they could show it to the general population. It reveals the horrible and graphic truth about Planned Parenthood and their “abortion business.” 

Then on the 8th it was back to Valdosta State Prison to assist Flight Deck Discipleship Ministry. 18 men attended. Stephen Johnson (no relation to Kristi) did the worship and the lesson while I shared some music as the men were gathering. 

Although I am not in the forefront at these meetings, the Holy Spirit often prompts me to insert a song to further enhance the message that Stephen brings. Also, I often am presented an opportunity to share some of my experience and testimony. But sometimes, just showing up is enough to share Christ with these men. 

On the 10th I participated in a fundraising event for Kristi Overton Johnson Ministries in Orlando, Florida. I shared some of my testimony and afterward, one of Kristi’s team members approached me with some good news. As a widow, she recently re-married a man who had had struggles with alcohol. She told me that he was the first to stand for my ovation at the end. And that night he told her he was going to read the Bible! Even at a fundraiser, God uses the moment to reach into someone’s heart. 

After my regular Tuesday at Valdosta State Prison on the 15th, I joined Kristi Johnson for our second event at Marion Correctional in Ocala, FL on the 17th. Around 150 men packed into the chapel where we both shared our testimonies. At the end, several men received Christ and surrendered to Him. 

On the 19th it was back to Madison CCI. I didn’t have anything prepared for this meeting, but the Holy Spirit did! I opened it up for men to obey His prompting and two men responded. It ended up being a great time of fellowship and sharing. Then, the next day, Sunday, I brought a message on that “forgotten person” of the Trinity. At the end of my sermon, five men came forward to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and it was a powerful time! 


At the next meeting at Valdosta SP on the 22nd, Stephen Johnson brought a very powerful lesson on discipleship and what it means. His PowerPoint presentations are so anointed! I believe God has led me to join up with this man to grow and mature me. I took the opportunity to interject some of my experience during the teaching. About 16 men attended. 

Wednesday, the 23rd, I filled in for a volunteer who was away on a family trip, to join with his partner and go into Madison CCI for a class on “Hearing from God.” A lot of men came to this meeting and my role was to be in a prayer room to pray with men the leader chose to send in. 

Another inmate who is a noted spiritual leader in the chapel, waited with me and we prayed with 2 men, listening to their needs and sharing with them anything the Lord revealed to us about them or their issues. It’s a training time for men who want to learn to listen to God’s voice. We returned to the chapel for an evening meeting with the inmate “spiritual leaders” in the Faith dorms. I provided songs of worship for both meetings.

The 26th found me back in Madison CCI where we invited the NA group to join us as we watched 28 Days, a movie about alcoholism, drug addiction, and recovery. It stars Sandra Bullock and although it isn’t a Christian film, it contains a strong glimpse into denial, unforgiveness, and transformation. The men loved it, and many came up afterward to shake my hand and thank me for showing it. It’s good to sometimes break the mold. 

Sunday, the 27th, I led worship and gave the same message I gave to the men at Madison on the 19th, to the men at Jefferson. 11 men came up to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit! All I had to do was invite those who saw their need to be filled, to come and they did. It was powerful! We ended the service with some more praise and worship. 

Oct 31- I drove about an hour east to Suwannee Correctional where I teamed up with Kristi Johnson for three programs. About 40 or so men attended out first program and were very receptive, showing their appreciation with enthusiastic applause. After our testimonies, there were at least a dozen men who responded to the invitation. Our second group (around 40) were just as enthusiastic and several made decisions to “get off the dock” and say “hit it” to the power source, as Kristi describes in her description about water skiing. 

The final group consisted of young offenders ranging in age from 14-17. They are always a challenge and require more officers present. But at the end, most all of them responded to Kristi’s invitation to repeat a prayer with her. 

We were invited on this mission by Christ’s Church in Jacksonville, partnering with their prison ministry. It’s easier for us to get in that way, and their team provides built-in follow-up discipleship. 

It was a great month!.




It was a long 6-hour drive to Greenwood, South Carolina where I participated in an event for Fly-Right Ministry on September 21. A team of 31 went into the McCormick County Correctional Facility. We were allowed to present a program out on the yard to around 300 inmates. Larry Rowe, a Mo-town type singer, did some warm-up songs and I followed with a 25 minute music and testimony segment. Then Jerilynn Johnson  closed out the program with a stirring account of her story. There were 28 first-time decisions for Christ, 89 rededications, and 90 who needed prayer for other needs. I spent about 30 minutes with a Shi-ite Muslim who just came out to observe. I learned a lot about Islam and was able to present Christ to him in a way that changed the way he viewed Christianity. Although he didn’t make an outward decision for the Lord, I went away believing that he did inside. He thanked me for spending time with him. That visit alone, was worth the trip!


Also, during this month, I drove to Orlando to do a photo-shoot for Victorious Living magazine. Kristi Johnson (KOJ Ministries) and I have been doing a lot of prison programs as a team, and she wanted to update my story and pictures in a new edition. She is updating hers as well so when we go into the facilities, we’ll have a magazine with both of us in it. She tried to get me cleared to go into Lake County Correctional while I was there but was unable to do so. They needed a month’s notice before they would allow me to come in. I will be on the program along with Jack Murphy and Bruce Crevier for her ministry fundraiser at The First Baptist Church of Orlando on October 10. 


My regular programs at Jefferson and Madison CCI are going strong and I’m seeing a lot of new faces. I’ve been spending more time with the “leaders” among the inmates, praying and hearing from God. On the 7th at Madison CCI, there were two men who came forward to accept Christ and pray with me. It was a service where I just opened it up for men to share and allow the Holy Spirit to take over. To my surprise, several men had testimonies and opened up. It was a great anointed time.


We’ve enjoyed an increase in numbers at Valdosta State Prison, having gone from about 12, to 18. 


Thursday, the 26th, I attended a graduation ceremony at Jefferson CCI where 31 men succeeded in completing a faith-based program. The Secretary of the Florida DOC was there and spoke briefly. I did my rendition of the song Jesus Loves Me and told the story of an amazing experience in a California jail. After the ceremony, I approached the Secretary to ask whether we’ll be allowed to do programs out on the yards of the prisons instead of just in the chapels. 

He and the Head Chaplain of the DOC told me that we would be if we “toned in down” some. (They were referring to bringing bikes and circus-type programs onto the yard) The Secretary sounded as if he would not be willing to let those types of events happen. 

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Nov 1 – This was the second day of a four-day weekend ministry for me and Kristi Overton Johnson. Christ Church (Jacksonville) invited us to do programs in some of the facilities they visit on a regular basis. This is good, for when decisions are made, the team from the church follows up with discipleship and training. On this day we went to Florida State Prison near Raiford. We did two programs, one morning, one afternoon. I deviated from my normal song selection, hearing in my spirit that God wanted me to start with a different one. It had its effect and Kristi followed suit with a strong testimony. Several men responded to the message in both events. Lives are being touched and changed. During the program, I noticed some officers in the back who were obviously high staff. It turned out to be the Assistant Warden and the Major. We were asked to stop by the warden’s office before we left. When he came out, he told us he was so impressed with my music and Kristi’s message, he wanted us to come back and do a program, OUT ON THE YARD!! That just doesn’t happen! Steve Hyrne, of Christ Church is making the arrangements for us to do a yard program in late January or early February.   

Kristi is very “family conscious” and her son, Dalton, was playing in his team’s last football game of the season. So, after our second event, we drove 2 hours back to Clermont for the game. It was great to see her family there, especially her Dad, who was down from North Carolina for flight training. Then we turned around and drove back to our hotel in Jacksonville. By the way, Dalton’s team won their game!

Nov 2 – Christ Church had a prison ministry breakfast and I was surprised to see so many different ministries there. Having several former inmates share their testimonies and appreciation was powerful and moving. We did our usual program for these servants and it went very well. Kristi and I made some vital contacts and will be hearing from them in the near future. I was approached to come to the Trinity Rescue Mission in downtown Jacksonville about

doing a program for the homeless. After the breakfast, we retired to our rooms for a (much needed) rest. 

Nov 3 – The last stop on our ministry tour was the Columbia Annex in Lake City. We were joined by the team from Christ Church and around 50 men showed up for the service. There were re-dedications and requests for prayer at this event and I believe over the course of these four days many lives were changed toward Jesus. 

When I arrived back home in Madison, I received a call from Steve Clifton from the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville. He had been at Saturday’s prayer breakfast and wanted to schedule me to come to two prisons that he and his team are ministering in. God is opening doors of opportunity! 

Nov 5 – It was back into Valdosta State Prison with the Flight Deck Ministry where I sang a few of my songs and Stephen Johnson engaged the men in conversation about the Holy Spirit. I’m gaining some valuable knowledge and experience about discipleship through Stephen’s teaching. Kristi had shipped me 3 boxes of her magazine (Victorious Living) and I took one to leave with the chaplain. After the session, I visited Bud Sawyer in the hospital and prayed for him. Bud is one of the volunteers with Flight Deck Ministry. 

Nov 6 – I filled in for my friend, Billy, who does a class from 5-7 in Madison CCI. Billy is in the hospital with possible liver cancer. There were only 6 of us in this leadership class. These are the men who are leaders in their respective dorms. They have prayer meetings and are there for those who need spiritual strength and guidance. We had a good discussion, sharing battles and praying for each other. 

Nov 7 – In Jefferson CCI, I led some worship and then showed the first installment of the Conquer Series. The chapel was packed with over 60 men. The film (and the atmosphere) was intense, for the subject of pornography and sexual sin is a major problem that needs to be confronted and dealt with. I could sense in the awkward silence that followed, the men felt vulnerable and exposed. The chaplain wants me to keep showing the series in spite of the challenge. We’ll see how many men are willing to fight this sin in their lives. 

On my way to fellowship at the Flight Deck, I stopped in to pray for my friend, Bud in the hospital still. 

Nov 8 – In downtown Gainesville, FL, there is an outdoor stage where frequent events take place. It’s near the University of Florida. Tonight, I was featured along with several others in a Christian outreach concert there. It was filmed by a television crew. Because of the rain, only a few people showed up, but we all performed and ministered as if the park was filled. Bruce Crevier and his son, Zach, did their amazing stunts with basketballs, and Edwin Sepulveda from Puerto Rico, played his saxophones that resonated a haunting worship atmosphere and I gave my testimony in songs. The highlight of my evening was being a witness to a couple of homeless men named Tom and Bobby. Bobby liked my testimony and after we talked, he went away in tears. I also prayed with Tom, who was somewhat inebriated and a little hostile at first. I did my best to present a loving Christ to him, and even gave him a $20 bill to curve his hostility long enough to share God’s love. Zach Crevier also ministered to Tom before he had to go on stage with his dad. Duke Miller, the television producer, spoke to me about coming to Virginia. He said he’d like to have me on a show giving my testimony in an interview. We’ll see where that goes in the future. 

Nov 12 – Back to Valdosta State Prison with the Flight Deck Discipleship Ministry. Had a great discussion with Stephen conducting. Around 12 guys attended. I’m starting to bond with these men and Stephen expressed his appreciation for my assistance. Sometimes it’s enough to just show up and give the guys a hug. 

Nov 14 – My class at Jefferson has doubled in size! I had over 70 men in the chapel this day. The chaplain told me there were 130 men on my call-out. We were going to continue the “Conquer Series” but many of the men wanted to see the end of the film “Priceless” they had missed. Apparently, while I was gone to Jacksonville, something had happened on the compound and the chapel was cancelled. We finished the film and I told them we’d continue the Conquer Series next week.

Nov 17- Drove to Jacksonville where I met Kristi Johnson at Christ Church. We enjoyed the early service, heard a great sermon, and leaving my car in the parking lot, headed for Columbia, S.C. 

Nov 18 – Steve Hendricks, a chaplain at Goodman CI Work Camp in Columbia, had been assigned as our driver and met us at 8:30AM. He drove us to Trenton CI, near Augusta, GA, about an hour’s drive from our hotel. We were greeted warmly by the warden and her staff. I was surprised when she came over and gave me and Kristi a big hug! 

Around 70 men came to the program where we gave our testimonies and were rewarded with 7 new decisions and over 15 who expressed a desire for recommitment. I was overwhelmed by the kindness and appreciation afforded to us and we both were presented a certificate by the warden. 

In the afternoon we arrived at McCormick CI near Greenwood. (I had been there in September with Fly-Right Ministry) Some of the officers remembered me as well as the warden. There were a number of men in the chapel service who had heard my testimony from before but were glad to see me again. Because of my recent visit, I changed my program accordingly and Kristi told me it was one of my best. 

During the invitation, I counted 6 who raised their hands, but I might have overlooked a few.  Gwendolyn Bright, Director of Human Resources for the main office, had accompanied us through all the programs thus far.

Nov 19 – Steve drove us about an hour north of our hotel, to Lee Correctional where we did a program for about 20 men. Director Bright (who was still with us) was very disappointed with the staff who mishandled the call-out. Still, the program went well, and five of those 20 men made a decision for Christ. Pleased with the result, before she left to return to her office, she told us she definitely wants us to return and go into other facilities in the near future. I sense God’s favor upon us! One inmate approached me and introduced himself as Jimmy. He said he was a singer and also played guitar. I sensed his sincerity from the moment I shook his hand. He told me he had been locked up for 34 years and was being released soon. Later, he gave Kristi and I a copy of his book. How he had gotten it published I never knew. 

Leaving Lee, we drove to Turbeville Correctional (another 45-minute drive). This turned out to be our most difficult program. Some youthful offenders were laughing and being noisy.  I had to get firm with them. They settled down and were respectful for the rest of the time. Several of those who were showing disrespect, raised their hands during the invitation, and came to apologize to me afterward. 

We arrived at Goodman, where Steve is the chaplain. There were no fences around this facility. 80 men filled the chapel and both our programs went well. It was a refreshing way to end our long day. One new decision, and several recommitments later, we retired to our hotel for a much-needed rest.

Nov 20 - Kristi and I followed Steve Hendricks to Leath Correctional, a women’s facility near Greenwood, S.C. We drove our own car because we were going to spend the night at Kristi’s friends who live in the Greenwood area. 

Once again, we were warmly greeted by the warden and the chaplain, who had prepared a nice continental breakfast for us. Then we were introduced to some other officials before being escorted to the chapel. It was a large building and really nice. There were a lot of chairs and I wondered just how many would actually be filled. As it turned it out, ALL of them were filled!

166 women filed into the chapel and as so often happens with women inmates, they were excited and animated. 

The response to my program was amazing! All of my humorous songs produced explosive laughter and they warmed up beautifully. After my testimony, I ended with You Are So Beautiful that had many of them reaching for tissues. Then Kristi came on with her video and outstanding message. There were so many hands raised during the invitation, I had no time to count them. 

The warden came up after and told them we were going to be invited back! She even asked me to do one more song. Pretty Woman had them smiling, dancing, and clapping. The chaplain, who was from Ghana, West Africa, took several videos and pictures. He spoke to Kristi and I about the possibility of us coming to the UK and Africa. He asked me if I had a passport. I told him I did.

After our event, we said our goodbyes to Steve, who was a great escort and help to us during our tour. Then, we met a couple from Greenville, S.C. (donors to KOJ Ministries) at a restaurant for lunch before heading to Kristi’s other friends’ home. Kristi has friends everywhere! Although they donate to Kristi’s ministry, they had never met her and had driven 70 miles to do so. She was able to answer a lot of their questions and they were a very impressive couple. They even expressed a willingness to donate to KMM and took my card. 

After arriving at the home of the Rodgers family, we had some fun fellowship before heading off to do a program at their church. 

It was an older crowd, but there were a few young people as well. I had understood that I had until 7PM before I turned over the program to Kristi. What I DIDN’T understand was that the program was supposed to END at 7PM! So, after I finished and turned it over to her, it was time to quit! I felt terrible! She said a few words and thankfully, the pastor said he was going to invite us back so Kristi could do her program in the sanctuary. It all worked out, but I was embarrassed to say the least. 

After a fun evening with Kristi’s friends and a good night’s sleep, we headed back to Jacksonville where I’d left my car. Riding with my friend and sharing stories and experiences, goals and possibilities, made for a short trip. I’m blessed to be her friend and partner!

Already dates for next year are being lined up and I’m excited. But I know my guys at Madison and Jefferson are waiting, so I’m looking forward to seeing them. 

Nov 22 – I received a call around 7AM that my friend and mentor, Billy Burnette, had passed away during the night. Billy was a volunteer at Madison CCI, where I met him. We had been meeting together once a week for over a year. I learned a lot from him and will miss him terribly. I had visited him in the hospital before I left and had written a letter about that visit. 

After hearing of his passing, I edited the letter some and added a paragraph at the end. Kristi liked it and plans to include it in a future issue of Victorious Living. 

Nov 23 – Went to Madison only to discover that Kairos Ministry was scheduled for the chapel.

Still, I went on in and read the letter I had written about Billy and sang a song he had inspired.

The Kairos team was kind enough to give me the time to do that. A few of the men came to tears.

Nov 24 – I had a message prepared for Jefferson CI but it didn’t happen. On a chilly Sunday morning, I had to wait about a half-hour at the chapel entrance before an officer came to unlock it for me. The chaplain is never there on Sunday. I’m learning to not get upset at these delays, but just rest and trust that there’s a purpose. And sure enough, there was. 

When the men were inside and settled, we sang a few worship songs and I talked a little about Billy. I read his letter to them and talked some about how I met him and the effect it had on me. I also spoke about a book I had read (Jimmy’s book from Lee Correctional) and how it caused me to examine myself and my ministry, for I was given insight from an inmate perspective on ministries like mine. I spoke openly to the men and how I hoped I was making a difference in their lives and not just going the motions, using the ministry for my own benefit. Jimmy’s book was well written hard to put down. God wanted me to read that book. The program that morning was spirit-led, and the men reacted with positive statements that encouraged me. Much better than a sermon, I’d say. 

Nov 26 – I met Stephen at Valdosta State Prison around 2:15 and with a cart the chaplain had left for us, we loaded up a bunch of fried chicken, rolls, lemonade and tea, and some cake for dessert, along with the guitar and other usual equipment to bring in. The warden here is very cooperative and lenient (unlike so many) and had approved our Thanksgiving feast for the men.

We ate, then did our regular program with the guys. These men are being discipled by a great teacher. Stephen is especially gifted on the guitar (although he doesn’t think so) and has a special anointing on his ministry. He told me to quit calling it “his” ministry because now that I’m on board, it’s “ours” for the blessing. 

Nov 27 – I officiated Billy’s memorial service and it was a good one. The chapel was filled and after my song and message, many people stood up and told stories about him (some were hilarious) and everyone honored him in a special way. I ended with his favorite song, You’ll Never Walk Alone and received a number of compliments on the service and especially my role in it. His widow was very happy with the way it went.

Nov 28 – I spent Thanksgiving, partly with Billy’s family and partly with Stephen and Kim Johnson at their home in Valdosta. Stephen and Kim had about 17 people over and after we ate, I entertained them with some of my funny songs, then we had some time to give thanks for the many blessings in our lives. I left in time to attend the last part of Billy’s family dinner, and we also did some songs together. They had a bonfire outside and it was a peaceful way to end the day. 

Nov 30 – For the men at Madison, I gave the message I’d given at Billy’s memorial and sang those songs he loved. But before I did, the prison worship team were on fire with the anointing and did some fantastic songs of praise. There were two guitarists, a drummer, a keyboardist (Piano), a conga drummer and percussionist (tambourine), and bass man. Plus, there were two added vocalists. I strummed along with them on my guitar. We had a tremendous service. These guys are disciples of Billy and now they’re looking for me to carry on. Paul will be available whenever he’s in town.