Kenny Munds Ministry

June Report 22 - 2nd Half


June 16 / Jefferson CI / Chapel

We started late again due to late chow and that compelled me to talk to the Chaplain about it and ask what could be done. He said he was going to bring it up in an upcoming staff meeting. 

While waiting, I, along the few men who had arrived, listened to the praise team rehearse their songs. When they finished, I went up and started sharing some of the songs I had sang for the women's prison last Tuesday night. I told them a little about my visit there while the others began to file in from chow. Then it just flowed into my personal testimony that began with my childhood all the way to where I am today. The guys were glued to every word and could relate to much of my experiences. With what little time we had left, the praise team came up to do their songs. I ended with two more of my own. No time for the Harbinger II today.  


June 16 / Madison CI / Celebrate Life Class

The guys were waiting for me to show up and had a guitar set up for me. After a few worship songs, Kenny H. conducted a study from Your Extraordinary Life by Mark Virkler on "Renewing the Mind". I was called away to have prayer and council with Paul J. where I discovered that his daughter had died of cancer and his wife had been in an minor auto accident. Paul is co-leader of this class and is very strong spiritually. I learn a lot from him. He wanted me to know what had happened. Because of her mother's death, his granddaughter was beginning to come around to the Lord. Also, his wife wasn't hurt badly in the wreck, but was pretty shaken. We prayed for them as well as my son and grandson before I returned to the study. Kenny H. was giving a  powerful lesson. He is a well-respected leader and knows the Bible thoroughly.  At the end, he had me sing a worship song while he went from table to table laying hands on each man to pray for them. The Holy Spirit's presence was strong in the room and men were praising God. Having had a great study, we closed the meeting with prayer. 


June 17 / Madison CI / Music Program Concert / Visitation Area

I arrived early with some donated equipment which I left in the Warden's office to be cleared for delivery to the game room. After clearing security I went directly to the game room where the men were gathering the sound equipment to be hauled over to the visitation area. Everyone was excited. I was concerned that there would be conflict among the sound guys but all went smooth and we were ready to go by a little after 10AM. 

There were just a few visitors since it was a very hot day, but those who came were treated to some really great music. I was really proud of both the gospel and country bands who did an outstanding job! During the opening gospel song, some of the visitors were up and almost dancing with the music. It was fun to watch and hear. 

The sound guys worked together as a team, and there were no conflicts at all. All of the participants left feeling good about themselves. So did I. 


June 18 / Madison CI / Chapel

When I arrived at the chapel, Sister Turner was just finishing her service. A spirit-filled black pastor, she packs the chapel and always brings a powerful message. The men really love her. She's always nice to me and I see her at Jefferson as well. The men who were filing out had to go to chow so I started my service with those who were there and ready to go. Both praise teams had surrendered their time to me on this occasion, so I just did a few songs after wishing all the Father's a Happy Father's Day. One inmate had written a song to Father God and I invited him up to sing it. It was a hit for sure. All the men were singing along as if they knew the song already. Then after I did some sharing I invited another inmate to sing and he did a great worship song that most of the men knew and sang with him. There was a sweet spirit presence throughout the room as we sang. After I did one more song, I praised the gospel band for an outstanding job out in the Visitation area on Friday and invited their Director, Curtis, to sing "We Exalt Thee." It was a great way to end the music portion. 

We then watched another episode of The Harbinger II series. Some of the men who weren't into watching the series I dismissed early but most of them stayed. 


June 21 / Jefferson C I / Music Program

By the time I arrived one band had already rehearsed. I had carried the violin and clarinet in with me which brought smiles to the two inmates who played them. I don't donate certain unique instruments since there's not many who can play them. Instead, I bring them in when there IS a player for that instrument. 

The rehearsals were going great and I discussed with Officer Matthews when we could do an actual concert on the yard. She said that the weekend of July 4th might be good. I also mentioned my upcoming Prison Fellowship event on July 29th where I would need a band to play for that. That seemed to be OK with her, but she would need to get approval. 

One of the guitars needed repair and Officer Matthews granted me permission to take it with me when I left. Since I was half-way to Tallahassee and the music store, I took it on in and left it with Bobby to do his magic. I bought strings and a couple of music stands while there for both Madison and Jefferson programs.


June 22 / Madison CI / Music Program

I decided to bring in the 100ft "snake" for the men to try out. I won't try to explain what it is, only to say that acts like a long extension which places the sound techs out on front of the band where they can do a proper sound mix. I wasn't allowed to bring it in until it had been inspected by the tool officer. I went  on in with a guitar, the violin, and the clarinet until the snake could be approved. There was no one to open the door to the game room, so we had to wait for about 10 minutes until someone arrived. That put the rehearsals about 30 minutes behind schedule. Once we finally got started, things went OK and every band was given their hour to rehearse. The sound was OK during the morning, but in the afternoon, we started having problems with the mixing board. Ms Caldwell arrived just in time for me to get cleared to take the board out with me to get checked out. When the snake finally arrived we couldn't hook it up since the board was not working properly. I left before the last band rehearsed. It was after 2PM and I had been there for 5 1/2 hrs. 


June 23 / Jefferson CI / Chapel

I was torn whether or not to continue showing The Harbinger II Uncensored since we had not watched it for two weeks in a row. After the worship team did a few songs (and they sounded good) I asked for a show of hands of those who wanted to continue to watch the series. The count was about half. I was inclined not to show it anyway and felt moved by the spirit to just share and sing whatever came to me. I promised the men who wanted to continue to watch it that I would purchase a couple of copies of the book for their library. As a result, we had a great time of friendly fellowship where I told a few stories and sang a few songs which at times brought laughter and yet other times, worship and praise for the Lord. It was a very relaxed time and the men shared their appreciation afterward. I encouraged those who may not have surrendered their hearts to Jesus to approach me whenever they wanted me to pray with them. I sensed that I gained common ground today. 


June 25 / Madison CI / Chapel

The Spanish worship team led off and although it was a little too loud at times, the men joined in and most seemed to enjoy it. I say "most" because some of these guys are fairly motionless during the worship. Not all clap or stand, or even sing for that matter. Still, they come and they listen. When I do my thing, I try to make eye contact to see if they are with me, but sometimes it's hard to tell. I believe they were "with me" during this service, for I chose to bypass showing The Harbinger II series and instead, told stories and sang songs. The mood was light and I sensed that everyone had a good time. I promised to continue with the Harbinger series next week.


June 26 / New Equipment arrives

One of the inmates at Jefferson who ran the sound board for the music program had a visit from his parents who came from Melbourne, FL, about 4 hours south of here. At his request, they brought along some items that had been donated by his church. The plan was to leave these items with me and I would see they get into the institution via donation form. They had donated a 24-channel sound board, 3 microphones with cables, a power cord for the board, two microphone boom stands, and a set of guitar strings. The inmate was looking forward to obtaining this equipment to use in the music program. 


June 27 / Equipment donated and delivered / Shocking news after

I delivered these items to the prison and they were cleared to be brought in. After they had been taken through the gate, I received a call from the parents of the inmate who informed me that their son had been transferred to another facility that very morning! We now had awesome equipment, but had lost our sound man. There are a few other men capable of running sound, but it was a huge blow to lose our main man. 


June 28 / Prison Fellowship / Florida Women's Reception Center / Ocala FL

On hand for this event besides myself were; Dale White, Ken and Kimberly Lunday, Pat Avery, and two a Prison Fellowship director from Tampa Bay. (I was introduced but forget his name) There was supposed to be more women than we had at the last event, but that wasn't the case. I spent about an hour singing songs and connecting with the women who were very responsive. They laughed at the funny songs and some cried on You Are So Beautiful. Dale spoke about Angel Tree and passed out the applications. Ken and Kimberly gave their testimonies while the ladies filled out the forms. While they worked on the forms I made my way back up to the mic and started playing some more songs. A few of the women wanted to sing and although unsure if it was allowed, I invited one up to sing. The result was that it ignited the group so I invited a couple more up. They were actually singing worship songs. It was fun, but we were soon forced to stop as the officers began to file them out. Pat Avery made some good connections with the Chaplain in regards to the upcoming event with KOJ Ministries in October. I will be with Kristi and her staff for that event. 


June 29th / Madison CI / Music Program Concert

It was hot today! And because it was so hot, most of the men had gathered under the pavilion BEHIND the band. The R&B/Jazz bands were not ready to perform so the Rock band played 7 songs. There was a sound issue at the beginning, but was quickly solved and all went well. I had brought the sound board back in after getting it checked out, showing the techs what I had learned. They adjusted and the speakers sounded amazing. Officer Caldwell is going to have the next event under the pavilion, out of the sun. It should work out better for crowd AND the bands. After the concert there was a meeting held in the game room with all those in the Music Program. We discussed issues that needed to be addressed. I announced that the drums were coming in and acknowledged those who had helped in getting them donated. The men were excited to set them up for the next rehearsals. 


June 30th / Jefferson CI / Chapel 

The praise team took the day off because the leader had some health issues. I took the first 45 minutes to share some stories and sing some songs. Some of the men had already bought some of the songs on their Kiosk. We had good fellowship and shared some laughs along with doing a little worship. Since we had time, I chose to show the fifth installment of The Harbinger II series. It was a powerful one and they enjoyed it. Some notebook binders I had donated had never arrived at the chapel, but were sent to the Music Program by mistake. I informed the Chaplain who promised to look into it. 


June 30th / Madison CI / Celebrate Life Class

Not much to report other than I did three worship songs and we studied from Your Extraordinary Life book about Stubborn Sins. This subject was a powerful one and most all of us admitted to having struggles with these types of sin. This group of men soon will be graduating and a new group will start. Couple more classes yet.