Kenny Munds Ministry



Feb 2 / Sanctuary Clinic / Monticello, FL


I did a 30 minute chapel for the residents. Some were new and I was able to share briefly, my path to sobriety which led me to full-time ministry. 


Feb 3-12 / California trip


A good friend of mine offered to buy me a round-trip ticket to fly out to California and spend some time with him. Johnny Miller, his sister Sheralyn, and his mother Roxie, are close friends I've known for 32 years. Since my grandson's birthday was on the 8th, I took him up on his offer. While there I visited my son, grandson, my "adopted" granddaughter, and finally my great grandson. It was great to see them all! Roxie is executive director of a flourishing 12-step recovery association in San Pedro, and she invited me to do my testimony to her residents on the 7th, which happened to be my 33rd birthday of sobriety. The crowd looked very familiar.There were gangsters with tattoos all over their faces, arms, and neck, amidst the others who identified as addicts and/or alcoholics. I was overwhelmed by the response to my program. The men had never heard a "pitch" like I gave them. My songs reflected my faith in Jesus although I respectfully tied it in with my association with AA. I know they got the message. Roxie presented me with a 33-year chip and they had a cake to celebrate my sobriety birthday.

I also had a chance to meet with a friend I hadn't seen in many years. Julie Simpson is a great singer/songwriter and does not only prison ministry, but is a Hollywood actress. I discovered that she did some voice-overs for the MGM+ series on Murf the Surf. It was great to see her again and she had some uplifting words for me that really helped me see through some things. 

While staying at Johnny's apartment in Hermosa Beach, I sang a song for him I had written titled "Wake Up America". He immediately called a friend of his who had a recording studio nearby and on the day before I flew home, we spent four hours in his studio recording it. He's going to try and promote it online. Johnny, Roxie, and Sheralyn did harmonies with me.

When I had the opportunity, I enjoyed some quiet time on the pier watching the surfers ride the waves. Except for its government, California is a paradise.

Johnny had invited me out because my life ministers to him. He and I share some similar struggles and we spent many hours just sharing and encouraging one another. I think he needed someone to relate to and pray with. 


Feb 16 / Sanctuary Clinic 


Once again I did a 30 minute program for the residents. I spoke about God's grace and how we serve a God who loves us and not a God who punishes us when we falter. The song I chose to feature was one of my originals titled "Abide in Me." Two patients approached me afterward and thanked me for sharing with them. 




Feb 17-18 / Inmate Encounter / Lowell CI and Florida Women's Reception Center


I was part of a team who went in these institutions to bring the gospel to the women inmates.

We had about 30 teammates that included several "platform speakers" me being one of those. 

The first day in Lowell CI had its issues in that the staff didn't know we were coming. It felt dark in this prison and the darkness was reflected in the attitude of the staff. The only reason we were allowed to come in was because of a woman Captain, the OIC (Officer in Charge) who made it happen. Only a small group ever made it out to the pickleball court where we had set up. Still, we ministered to those women and encouraged them to bring others out with for the afternoon program. It worked, for we had a lot more that came out for it. The teammates met with the women in "huddles" and there were many new decisions and re-dedications made.  


Friday night we met in the hotel meeting room for some food and fellowship. There was intense discussion about future events and ways to improve our programs and make the best use of the time we have inside. The focus seems to be on bringing the gospel undeluded and with anointing power rather than through the back-door approach. 


Saturday we went into the FWRC and the staff was much more welcoming. Chaplain Scott Thompson had everything scheduled on the money. It was the 3rd time I had been to this facility in the past year, so I was well acquainted with the Chaplain. 

We had a great turnout for both the morning and afternoon programs and all the speakers did a great job. I haven't received a count of the decisions yet, but I'm know there were a hundred or more in huddles after each program. 


Feb 23 / Sanctuary Clinic


Glenn and Beth Burns were off celebrating his 72nd birthday, so I just set up and began my chapel unannounced. There were a few who had remained from previous chapels, yet many were new patients. I went in basically without an agenda starting off introducing myself to the new people and briefly gave a summary of my history. I proceeded to do a few songs, sharing about my experiences and encouraging them to understand that God loved them and was not angry or disappointed in them. They were just at a rest area along the journey. I closed by singing a patriotic song, Wake Up America, and closed in prayer. Several came up after and thanked me for coming.