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Chaplain was out sick so call-out was canceled. 




I stopped in to visit my friend, Bud, who is still recovering from throat cancer. He insisted I sing him some songs, which I did. Bud normally goes in with us to the prison but has not been able to do so for quite some time. I prayed for him before I left and brought him up to date with the prison class. 




We had a guest speaker, Billy Jo Young, who gave his testimony. Before he spoke, Stephen summarized last week's message. These guys seem to really appreciate my involvement, which is basically just showing up. They gravitate to me with handshakes and hugs. 




I've taken responsibility for this CELEBRATE LIFE class in wake of Billy's passing, and Paul C. having moved to north Georgia. 

The study is conducted by an inmate (Kenneth H.) and I wait in the prayer room with another inmate (Paul J.) to pray and minister to individuals who desire it. 

The men gather in groups around tables to do the study. The table leaders take the men through the lesson and send whoever needs prayer to the room where we wait. 

Paul and I prayed with one of the inmates and then went out to the tables to observe the interaction. The book we're going through is titled Your Extraordinary Life by Mark and Patti Virkler.

I opened the class with a couple of worship songs and shared a brief testimony about the current challenges I'm experiencing in my walk with Christ. I then challenged them to stay the course and give the class their most sincere effort in order to receive what it offers. Later, when it was time to dismiss, I once again, led them in a closing worship song. 


I returned at 5PM to meet with the table leaders. We had an intense discussion regarding the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. One of the upcoming lessons covers this subject and we discussed how to approach it. We also talked about the interaction around the tables and ways we could encourage more participation. 








I've been studying a book by Ruthie Young, Your Destiny, His Glory (Discover the How and Why of Your Design). I was praying about what the Lord would have me present to the men at the prison in Madison and I believe He directed me to this book. 

I spent four hours this morning preparing an introduction message, using the one in the book as a guide. I finished a half-hour before my chapel at 1:30PM. 

After some very powerful worship by the prison team, I went directly into the message. 

The men were transfixed, for they had never heard anything like this, nor had I, when it was presented at the Flight Deck. (my church group) 

I told them I was going to take them through the book over the next few weeks. One of the inmates approached me afterward and was beside himself with emotion. He had been having dreams and visions and didn't understand what was happening to him until he heard my message. He knew exactly what scripture I was going to use and had goosebumps (he said) through it all.




Unfortunately, because of the Coronavirus crisis, all of my programs have been canceled for the time being. This includes all of the events I had scheduled with Kristi Overton Johnson and Inmate Encounter. 


I will use this down time to prepare the lessons from the book for Madison, and also the lessons from the Conquer Series for Jefferson. 


Kristi and I are making a video to send to the Chaplains of the prisons we were to visit, finding ways to continue to minister in the midst of this national pandemic. 






Hello friends of KMM!


I pray that God is keeping you and your loved ones safe and healthy during this time of uncertainty and trial. I say uncertainty, but that only applies to when this pandemic will end, and we can return to our daily activities without restriction. We know for certain that God is still on the throne and He will take what is meant for evil and turn it for good. 


My ministry programs in the prisons have been halted due to the virus, as well as the yard programs I had scheduled with Kristi Johnson at the end of this month. 


So, what have I been doing?


I shared a recent video on my website sharing how I had started teaching from a new book, Your Destiny, His Glory, The How and Why of Your Design by Ruthie Young, at the Madison Correctional Institution.  Before the restrictions were implemented, I had presented an introductory lesson on the book and received a very positive response from the men. They were excited to get into it. And since I, myself, am just learning from the book, I spend a lot of time going through the chapters to prepare my lessons. I also listen to the videos of Ruthie teaching the series herself, where she had recently visited the Freedom Outpost, my Thursday night fellowship. I have finished the first two lessons which number almost 20 pages each and I'm starting on the third one this week. I hope to have all seven lessons completed by the time the virus threat has passed. 


As for Jefferson Correctional, I had started showing The Conquer Series, The Battle for Purity by KingdomWorks Studios, and we had just finished watching the 2nd episode before the pandemic struck. I took the guys through two quizzes that I had taken the time to prepare since the publishers would not allow me to copy anything out of the study guide. I was amazed at the turnout for this series which numbered near 100. There were even several Muslim men who were enjoying it as well. One of them congratulated me on bringing the best series he had participated in since being incarcerated. I am currently going through the series and preparing the quizzes ahead of time. There are ten episodes. This is time-consuming and should keep me occupied for quite a while. 


Kristi Johnson and I did make a video which was sent out to all the prisons where we had been canceled. In light of that, I received approval from my board and have ordered an Apple External SuperDrive that will allow me to burn videos onto a DVD. When it arrives, I can download live video messages from my I-Phone or I-Pad and burn them to a DVD... then, send them to the chaplains to play for the men. I'm excited about this! 


Now... I won't pretend that I do nothing else besides ministry work. 


I find the time to exercise... like riding my bike (20 miles 2x a week) and mowing three lawns for my landlady. I keep my own lawn (and a rental property) watered and also find the time to mow around the cabin that her son-in-law owns. My little dog Savvy (that I lost in 2018), lived in that cabin for several months. I watch documentaries or a movie on occasion... work on my jigsaw puzzle just for a break... and play my guitar. (My hand and arm are still sore from surgery and my Doctor says it will take a few more months to heal)


One of my donors has property about 12 miles north of me, and is away a lot, running his business in Texas and Hawaii. He has me check on it for him and that is where I go to do my laundry. I go to the store when I need to (with my mask on), check the mail... and take care of other errands I need to run. 


But recently, I have been following the model of Kristi's ministry, who does a weekly video on Facebook Live. Her promotion manager called me to suggest I do the same. 


At first, I was reluctant but decided to go ahead and give it a try. Being pleased with the results, I plan on going live on Facebook every Tuesday evening at 8PM (Eastern) with a few songs and some encouraging words. I'll also use the opportunity to promote the ministry. Also, I've been invited to do a virtual live program from the patio of a good friend's restaurant in Tallahassee next week, so I may be on live more than once. I see it as another great opportunity to expose KMM and minister the gospel to people who are probably more ready for it than ever. 


Finally, I need to do some work on my ministry website (I'll be reaching out for some help with this), because right now, most all of the action is on my personal Facebook page. I need to someway incorporate the two. Now is a good time, to get it done. Kristi will offer some help, I'm sure, since she is on me to update it. 



Well, that's what I have to report for now. If you're not on Facebook, I suggest you get registered and tune in. Find me and befriend me. In the meantime, I'll be working on getting the ministry website more involved. 


Thank you all, for your support, whether through prayer, financial gifts, or both. May God continue to see all of you safely through this trying time. 


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