Kenny Munds Ministry

Kenny Munds Ministry / July Report-1st Half / 2021


Thurs / July 1 / Jefferson CI


Had a good meeting with the men at Jefferson. We watched the film, I Still Believe, the story of Jeremy Camp. You may be thinking that I show too many films and yet, these films mean a lot to these men and I see them as rewards for their attendance. At the end of this movie, several men admitted they were fighting back tears. It was powerful. I try to choose films that are strong enough to break the barriers and touch the heart. 


Fri / July 2


Did some clean-up work for one of my donors at his home in Pinetta (Cherry Lake) and delivered a load of stuff he was donating to a thrift store in Valdosta, Georgia owned and operated by Evans Memorial Camp. One of the items was a outdoor portable swimming pool (inflatable) that was a chore to drain and load on to my truck. Then, I packed to leave for Clearwater, Florida where I was to conduct a baby dedication and baptism for some good friends who are also supporters of the ministry. 


Sat / July 3 / Clearwater FL


Andy and Stephanie Copa are friends I met during my time as pastor of Honey Lake Church. I ended up presiding over their wedding vows and also the baptism of their first-born daughter, Claire. Abby was born not long after and the baptism planned for her had to be postponed due to the pandemic. These infant-baptisms are mainly for the grandmother (Andy’s mom) who is a devout Catholic. As a Protestant , it is simply a formality I perform for my friends (who are also Protestant) and I am honored to be chosen to participate. There were about 20 family members who gathered at the grandmother’s home in Clearwater, and despite the fact that Abby cried and fussed during most of the ceremony, it came off well.  


Andy prepares my taxes each year and donates his services. 


Sunday / July 4 / Seffner, FL


Before heading home from Clearwater, the Copa family joined me in attending the morning service at Landmark Baptist Church in Seffner. This is the church I had previously done a program for in May. The church was just a half-hour from Clearwater and we enjoyed their Independence Day service. Pastor had me close with a song, so I sang "Wake Up America." He purchased more CD's of mine before we left, to give away as gifts. 


Wed / July 7 / Jefferson CI


Tropical Storm Elsa was approaching so I wasn't sure if I was going to be allowed my program at Jefferson CI. Chaplain Andy said they had canceled all programs earlier that morning, but since the weather was improving I could come and he would try to do a call-out for me. So in the middle of tropical storm I drove to the prison. By the time I had driven the 29 miles, the weather at the prison had improved and I went in to set up. However, only one man showed up while the rest were held in their dorms by the Chief Officer On Duty. Since we were closing out the series on Wild at Heart, I chose to wait to show it until next week. The one man who came understood and was escorted back to his dorm. Chaplain was disappointed for me, but I totally understood that these things happen. He assured me that tomorrow's program was a go.


Thurs / July 8 / Jefferson CI


I opened with a couple of songs and chatted with the men some, reading a portion of Ephesians. We then watched an episode of "The Bible" series. After it was over, I did a few songs of my own, rehearsing with the men a few of them for tomorrow night's program I had scheduled. 


Fri / July 9 / Tallahassee FL


There were four re-entry houses who attended a concert/testimony I gave in Tallahassee this evening. Mercy House, administered by Dale White, the Florida State Rep for Celebrate Recovery Inside; The Good Samaritan Network, administered by Glenn Burns; Chelsea House (women) administered by Beth Burns; and City Walk Urban Mission, administered by Tony and Renee Miller. Around 50 men and women attended the event that was held in a small chapel. Joining me were Steven Moore (piano), and Bobby Kennedy (guitar). It was a fun night of great barbecue and fellowship. The concert lasted a little over an hour. I believe the Holy Spirit touched some lives in a great way. 


Sat / July 10 / Madison CI


I had looked forward to this day for over a year. It was today that I was returning to Madison CI! 

My suspension ended on June 10, but this was the day I was  to start back. Some of those inmates I had developed a bond with were still there, while others had moved on. It was great to see them again! There were around 30 guys who came and all were very happy to see me as well. The worship team sounded better than ever and I ended up just doing a little sit-down concert/testimony for the next hour which the men seemed to enjoy very much. Even Chaplain Clark gave me a hug! :-) 


Wed / July 14 / Jefferson CI


I did a few worship songs and shared a verse in Ephesians 1:18 about imagination. Then I shared a song I wrote titled "The Castle of Castaways." I likened the similarity of a castaway to an inmate who may sometimes feel lost and alone. The song is about a friend of mine who takes in strays (animals) and cares for their wounds, loving them until they are eventually released or adopted. From that backdrop, I spoke of how they may feel like a castaway but how God loves them and is ready to heal their wounds if they'll just surrender to His will for their lives. We then prayed together before watching the next two episodes of Wild at Heart with John Eldridge. We then discussed our experiences with broken relationships and failed marriages. I ended the discussion with prayers of healing for those we have hurt or harmed, as well as for ourselves. We then forgave those who hurt or harmed us and asked God to forgive us for our part in it all. 


Thursday / July 15 / Jefferson CI


After some worship songs and a song from one of the inmates, we watched an episode of The Bible DVD series. This one covered Samuel's experience with Israel's first king, Saul , and his downfall which then ushered in David as King of Israel. It also included David's sin with Bathsheba and his diabolical scheme to send Uriah to his death. These DVD series bring a lot of men to the chapel where they learn about God's word.


After the class, I stopped by the house and loaded up to drive to Ormond Beach, FL, for a weekend of ministry with Inmate Encounter. The drive took almost four hours and arrived at the motel around 8PM. I had left my puppy with friends in Tallahassee. 


Friday / July 16 / Putnam CI and Tomoka Christian Church


Putnam CI was about an hour's drive from the motel where we were staying.

My assignment was to go into the restricted wing where inmates are locked down and not allowed to leave their cells. Four teammates went there with me. They were armed with tracts printed by the ministry to guide the men through the sinners path to salvation. I set up a sound system in the hallway and gave about 30 minutes of music and testimony. When I had finished, the teammates went to the individual cells where they spoke through the window and mail slots, sharing the tract. Before leaving, I went to each one and offered my hand to them through the slot. I felt God's presence. One of the men who was black, prayed the sinners prayer with me and thanked me for coming. He was in tears when I left. 

While this was happening, the main program was taking place inside a pavilion on the Yard. 

I'm not always in the spotlight and that's perfectly fine with me. There was a tremendous response to the speakers with teammates huddles with hundreds of inmates, going through the tract and praying with them. 

We had lunch with the inmates and the program was repeated in the afternoon with only four of the speakers instead of entire list. I was one of those four and did one song only. Many more decisions were recorded. 

Later I had dinner with Kristi Johnson and some of the staff of Victorious Living Magazine and then spent the night again in the motel.


We drove directly from the prison to Tomoka Christian Church. Jim Lynch, the director of Inmate Encounter, had scheduled a fund-raiser for the ministry, inviting hundreds of people and several local organizations to see what we do in the prisons. On tap for the program were myself, Kristi Johnson, Fran Tarkenton (via video), Bruce Crevier and Family, The Shaw Family, and Big James Henderson. Only about a hundred or more showed up and saw a fantastic program. It was a disappointing turnout after so much effort had gone into it, yet those who came were very much impressed. Several came forward for re-dedication and commitment. Much was learned and who knows what will result from it. 


Saturday / July 17 / Madison CI


I arrived back in Madison around 3PM and after unloading all my gear, I rested up to go into Madison CI at 5PM. I would pick up my puppy, Rafi, in Tallahassee afterward. 

When I got to the chapel, another program ahead of me had not yet concluded, so I was a little late getting started. The men wanted me to do some worship, so we did two songs. I had planned on showing the great film, I Still Believe, but because of the late start, I showed The Book of Daniel, instead. There was a good turnout with 20 more signed up for next week. 

I was pretty tired from the weekend, so the film was somewhat of a breather. 

By the time I picked up my dog and got back home, it was after 9PM. Long day! 

Kenny Munds Ministry / 2nd Half / July /2021


Wed / July 21 / Jefferson CI


It was a good meeting although with only 6 men attending. Often during this time slot, there is a problem with the call-out. It's frustrating in that I had around 20 men sign up for this class originally. So far I haven't received a satisfactory explanation except dorm changes, mandatory classes that come up, etc. but never have I been given a logical reason it always seems to occur during my allotted time slot. However, I have learned from experience that it does more harm than good to complain. I just go with what I have and move on. 

We were to finish up the Wild at Heart series with only one more episode to watch. I had planned some worship songs, but by the time all six men arrived, we didn't have time to sing. 

We watched the last episode and then had some time to reflect on it as well as the series in general. 

It was a good discussion with each man offering input. We discussed the state of affairs in our nation and how we need not get wrapped up in political arguments that create more anger and division. I was pleased that one of the men suggested we fast and pray over the next week for more inmates to get involved in Chapel, especially my classes.  We also agreed to pray that there would be no further time clashes that would interfere with them.  So, till next week when we meet, we are going to fast our lunch every day, praying during that hour.  

I handed out outlines for all the 8 episodes of Wild at Heart and we held fists and prayed together before dispersing. 


Thurs / July 22 / Jefferson CI and Madison CI


Had a great turnout, about 50 men!  The mood was relaxed and for the first half hour I just engaged them in conversation and answered some of their questions regarding my son and the weekend events with Inmate Encounter. I had worn some of my fancy boots and a question arose as to what kind of skin they were. They are goat skin. That ked me into a song I wrote called "Cowboy" and the humorous story about how I came to write it. It went over well, with lots of laughter. 

Then, as the sharing continued, I felt led by the Spirit to offer an invitation to anyone who hadn't received Jesus as their Savior. Three men raised their hands and said the prayer of salvation. I had all the men repeat the prayer with me. It's not my preferred method, but for today, it was fine. 

We had some problems getting the video started, so I called up one of the inmates to do a song. He did very well. By that time, we were set to watch the next episode of The Bible series. 


I arrived back home in time to grab something to eat (I fasted lunch)) and walk the dog before going to Madison CI to attend the Celebrate Life Class. I wasn't scheduled for this class, but the inmates invited me and wanted me to come. When I arrived, they asked me to share my experience gained through the series, How To Hear God's Voice, by Mark and Patty Virkler. 

They were just starting that video series and thought it would be a good way to introduce it by having me share how it has helped me in my relationship with God. They also needed the seminar workbooks which were made available through Communion With God Ministries and some more textbooks on the subject. I had ordered some for my class at Jefferson months ago, so I was willing to purchase these items for them through the ministry funds. After I shared and they started the video, I left for home. 


Sat / July 24 / Madison CI


I arrived at the chapel just as the Chaplain was leaving. An officer was assigned to oversee things in his absence. I chose to show the film I Still Believe and because of its length, I had no more time than to open with prayer before getting it started. It had a powerful impact and the men expressed their appreciation afterward as they were being escorted out. 


Mon / July 26 / Jefferson CI


Today was marked to be the Sunday service. Due to a shortage of officers, they aren't having any services on the weekend so instead it was scheduled for Monday.  It was my turn in the rotation, so I was on my way when I got stopped in a construction roadblock. I called the Chaplain to let him know I might be a little late and he informed me that the compound was on lockdown anyway. He suggested I turn around and go home. I had spent quite some time preparing for this service, but things like this are common in prison ministry. 


Wed / July 28 / Jefferson CI


I made sure to call the chaplain before heading out to see if I was cleared for my class. He is usually very good at letting me know if there's been a cancellation. Yesterday was too sudden for that. He said I was OK to come, so I went. I couldn't find my DVD series, Fathered by God (John Eldridge), so I brought along another DVD by Mark Virkler titled; Naturally Supernatural. 7 men attended. 


Thurs / July 29 / Jefferson and Madison CI


The chapel was packed! There was a good feeling in the air as I began the service. We started with 10000 Reasons, one of my favorites, and then I Can Only Imagine, which the men always like. I shared from the heart, following the leadership of the Holy Spirit, resting in His guidance. 

Made em' laugh with one of my originals, I Got Saved Again, before sharing a story of my childhood and singing His Eye Is On The Sparrow. I was shaking with the anointing when finished. Then we watched another episode of The Bible series. Afterward, I engaged the men in conversation and was happy that so many shared from their heart a lot of wisdom. These guys are for real. They discipled me! A couple of new guys shared how much they enjoyed the class. 

I went home to feed my dog and take her for a walk before leaving for Madison CI and the Celebrate Life class. Some of you may remember how way back when, I did this class with Paul Cucinella and Billy Burnette. I had been suspended for a year but a few of the guys who attended that class were still in it. Another Paul, a Jamaican, and another Kenny, were disciples of Billy and were still carrying on his teaching as well as his healing ministry. (Billy died in 2019) I was asked to sing a couple of songs I had written (they still remembered them) before they started the class. Paul J. and Kenny H.  (inmates) rotate teaching, and it was Paul's turn at the podium. As Paul J. was teaching, an inmate raised his hand to ask a question. It was obvious he was struggling with some anger issues and was directed to follow me and Kenny H. into the prayer room. (I realize this is a long version, but wanted you to see how we minister to these men) As we sat there, we let him vent his frustration before we prayed for him. When I say we prayed for him, I mean we sat silent for several minutes asking God to show us HOW to pray. Kenny H. then spoke directly to the inmate saying... I see a vision of a semi-truck, maybe a Mack, and you wanted to ride along but weren't allowed. Instead, someone else took your place. That hurt you and made you angry.

Amazed, the inmate said his father had driven a Mack Truck and wouldn't let him ride in it, but instead would take his older brother. 
I spoke up that I saw a vision of physical abuse. Sure enough, he said his older brother beat him and he also suffered beatings from his father. 

Having identified the root of his anger, we were able to pray with him and set him free. He walked out of the room calm and collected, a changed man!

It was good to be back in a prison where I can minister to these men, individually, one-on-one. I'm not allowed to do that at Jefferson. 

I'm thinking I will make myself available as often as I can for this class. Thursday is my church night in Valdosta, so I must pray about what I should do. 


Finally, there was a message on my phone from the Midwest Regional Director of Bill Glass Ministries, asking me to contact him about doing some prison events coming up  in Florida soon. First I'd heard from them in several years. Just more opportunities. Praise the Lord!


Sat / July 31 / Madison CI


The men on the worship team were late being called to chow, so while waiting for them to eat,  I proceeded to conduct some worship with the pianist and drummer who had already arrived. 

All I can say is from that moment on, the Holy Spirit took over and we had a great service. I shared some stories and songs, read from Psalm 139, and flowed in the Spirit throughout. I reminded them I it was my turn to bring the Sunday service and I would see them in the morning. They needed supplies (coffee, creamer, sugar, cups, cocoa) for their Thursday evening Celebrate Life class, so I promised to get what they needed.