Kenny Munds Ministry





It was great to be back with my home "church" here in Madison CI. The men were happy to see me and that made me feel good inside. I think with all the events of the past week, and all the traveling had taken a toll on me. I was a little on edge setting up my equipment and got a little short with the sound technician. Of course, I immediately apologized and he was very understanding and we were fine. When things were all ready to go, I opened in prayer. There was a very decent turnout for the service. 

Kenny, the worship leader, told me to go ahead and start because they had missed me and wanted to hear more of my singing. I thought that was very complimentary. 

After sharing with them about all my adventures since the last time we'd seen each other, I announced that Kristi Johnson was scheduled to come in with me on January 19th of next year. They were excited to hear that!  Then, in spite of my weariness, the songs I chose to sing carried the anointing and we had a tremendous time of worship. I did my original song, Are You Ready, and that led into a prayer of surrender that I had all of them say with me. One inmate asked to speak and shared how that every time he comes to my service, he gets a word he needs. He said he just wanted to thank me for coming in and bringing him hope and encouragement. Then, all the guys gave me an ovation. How blessed I am!

Another inmate yelled out that they'd see me tomorrow for Sunday Chapel. I had totally forgotten! 




When I arrived at the prison around 8:25AM, I got everything ready to take in with me when I noticed my ID was missing out of my wallet. I looked everywhere in the car and the trunk and finally decided I must have left it in the coat I wore to last night's service. It's only a 10 minute drive from my house to the prison so I drove back home to look for it but it wasn't there. At this point I began to panic a little thinking I had lost my driver’s license. I knew the last place I had it was at the prison last night so I got back in the car and drove back to the exact same spot that I had been the night before. I prayed on the way that it would be there and sure enough as I drove up, I saw it lying there on the pavement! Now I was able to go in. When I finally made it into the security area I had forgotten to leave my wallet in the car so I had to take it back out. Thankfully, the officers were understanding because they see me come in all the time. I tell you all of this just to give you an idea of what occurs and how God helps me with the little things. (Actually that was a BIG thing, losing my license)

Because of all this I was late but the men were late getting in also. The worship team led off with some powerful songs and you could feel the Holy Spirit's presence. I sat over at the side praying and listening for God's voice as to what I should do when it was time for me to go up. I had two sermons I could bring, so after praying, I decided on one called Anchored. it turned out to be the right message, relevant to the time we're in with all the chaos and turmoil going on. I challenged them to stay anchored to the Truth during the storms we are facing today. When I finished, several men came up and thanked me for a great message. What a morning!



I hadn't had this class since before Thanksgiving and I was as glad to see the men as they were to see me. There was a good turnout. All the guys who signed up were here along with a few new ones. 

I spent the first several minutes going over my Thanksgiving time and the prison events I had participated in with Kristi Johnson since I had seen them last. We talked about how the holiday season can affect those incarcerated. I asked if it was hard on them during this time of the year and the affirmative was nearly unanimous. Several men raised their hands when I asked if any of them had never had a visit from family or a friend. That broke my heart. 

"Do you feel forgotten?" I asked. 

One inmate shared that it was not so much about being forgotten but avoided. When I asked what he meant by that, he shared that his family sends him money but never comes to visit. 

"I would rather SEE them than get their money. It's as if they feel if they send money, that's enough, and they don't need to visit me." 

It was an intimate time of connection with these men. They know that I care for them and of course I reminded them that God loves them and will never abandon them. 

We sang a few songs and then watched Tour 8 of the Truth Project. After it had concluded, we completed the quiz together.

I truly feel God's love for these men I minister too. I'm not just a sounding brass or tinkling cymbal. A few came up and thanked me for caring. I felt like hugging them. 




Normally I would have gone to Jefferson CI on this date, but today marked the graduation ceremony of the How to Hear God's Voice class that has been taught for the past few months here at Madison. Two inmates, Paul and Kenny, taught the class of about 30 men. They all received certificates and enjoyed some good pizza, cake, and lemonade. I made all the arrangements through the Correction Services and a friend covered the cost which amounted to $100. Because I had been attending when I could, bringing my guitar and singing songs with them, they really wanted me to come to this event. In order to attend, I had to forfeit my class at Jefferson. I spoke to the chaplain there and he understood. When I told him the circumstances (This class normally meets from 5-7PM, but food services couldn't deliver that late, so the time was changed to 1PM, courtesy of Chaplain Clark) he totally agreed I should go.

We had fun singing some worship and some Christmas songs as well. I shared a little about a Christmas experience with my son (when he was but a boy of 6) that inspired a song. 

We closed with The Revelation Song and the Holy Spirit was present in a powerful way. It was a special, fun time with my family of brothers. 




I had invited the Spanish Worship team to the chapel service for tonight. Normally, the Spanish service meets on Monday nights, but I use them on occasion to give the English team a break. The songs they do are so uplifting and have great rhythms. They really got the men up and moving. I asked them to interpret some of the lyrics, which they did before or after each song. 

There was nearly a full house and the worship was good. 

When I came up after the team, I kept some of the musicians and provided them with some chord charts to accompany me on some of my own songs.  

Before we began, I mentioned the terrible tornadoes that had claimed the lives of so many and we all prayed for the families and God's protection on those in the path of these storms as they moved eastward. Then one of the men mentioned another tragedy where around 50 immigrants had been killed while being trafficked across our border. We prayed also, for their families and that God would intervene and bring order to the border crisis. 

I did several worship songs with the team backing me up and the men all joined in. It was a blessing to feel the Holy Spirit's power in the songs we did. "Adonai" "The Goodness of God"

"The Power of Your Love" "Lord, I Lift Your Name On High" to name a few. I felt God's presence so strong during "Power of Your Love" that I was brought to tears. 

One of the men who always sits in the front pew and is very charismatic, asked me if he could sing a song. The humble way he asked was too much to turn down. He's not a very good singer, nor does he play guitar very well, but his heart is BIG and the men cheered him on as he sang. 

It was a fun service. 

I brought a message titled "Through His Eyes" and used Philippians 4:4-7 as my theme. There were no new decisions, but the message was very well received and all of us went away blessed and refreshed. 




I traveled to North Carolina where I had been invited to entertain for a Christmas Dinner put on by Parker Overton, father of Kristi Overton Johnson. During my stay there Kristi had scheduled for us to visit this assisted living facility and do a program for the residents. Before we started, Kristi was asking what songs they liked to hear? In The Garden... He Touched Me... How Great Thou Art... and one fellow who we were told was 101 years old, wanted Hey Good Lookin'! We performed these songs with them singing with us and then closed with several Christmas songs. Of course we shared what Christmas was really all about... the virgin birth of our Lord Jesus. At the end Kristi and I did a duet of O Holy Night and closed with Joy to the World. It was fun to see the smiles and afterward to hear so many compliments and words of gratitude for our coming to entertain. Kristi left a case of Victorious Living magazines. 




This jail is huge. We walked what seemed like a mile to where we were to do a program for a women's pod. It was a large room with upper and lower tiers. The women were not allowed to come out of their cells, but instead, watched us through their windows and listened through the small openings in their door where food and other items are passed. I opened with a song and introduced Kristi who gave a powerful testimony. She passed it on to me and I told my story and sang several songs. One song seemed to melt their hearts and that was "You Are So Beautiful" by Joe Cocker. Several of the women backed away from the window wiping tears from their eyes. Kristi led in a salvation prayer and many were saying it as I watched. We then closed with O Holy Night and Go Tell It On The Mountain. Every one of them got a Victorious Living Magazine.




It was a small dorm-like room where we sat down with 9 former heroin addicts. I led off with a testimony and a song that got their attention. I shared about my own addictions and how I got free through God's power. They listened respectfully and attentively throughout my story and when I concluded, I segued right over to Kristi who took the baton and carried on. After her story, several had questions and we sat there for 10 minutes or so just conversing about our experiences. Both Kristi and I prayed with them and felt our visit had definitely had an impact on these men. She passed out magazines and we were asked to sign our names next to our pictures. The officer that accompanied us was impressed with the reaction of the inmates and requested we come back more often. Kristi is making arrangements for future visits. 




Had a great turnout! More than I expected for the Truth Project class. I spent a few minutes sharing my North Carolina experience and then because we started late, went right on into Tour 9 of the Truth Project. I wanted to make sure we had enough time to complete it whereas in recent classes, I had to rush to get it all in. After watching a very timely episode on "The State" we were able to see where we had come since this series was produced in 2007. How government tries to take sovereignty over family, education, economics, and other spheres of influence in our society. We saw how that is happening today on a huge scale. We then completed the written quiz together before closing with a couple of Christmas songs. I told them I would see them this coming Sunday for a chapel. 




I was glad to be able to come into the prison tonight because my Saturday evening chapel on Christmas Day had been canceled. Both Friday and Saturday programs were scrapped due to Christmas. A new group of men had signed up for the Celebrate Life class and tonight was the first session of Your Extraordinary Life, the introductory series to 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice.

As the sponsor for this class, I try to attend every session I can since they like for me to do a few worship songs before they begin. 

Most were new faces so I shared some of my testimony before I brought the music. I mixed in a few Christmas songs with some worship and the mood was upbeat. I shared some of my experiences while in North Carolina, one in particular where I did You Are So Beautiful for the women in the Pitt County Jail. It carried an anointing and a few of the men told me afterward how it impacted them. When I had finished, they watched the first DVD of the series with Mark Virkler. There was some time left after the film, so I was asked to come sing some more. That's when we did Go Tell It On The Mountain and Joy To The World. It was a joy filled meeting.  




The officers were very accommodating and the only thing they failed to do was to unlock the supply room for the orderlies. Consequently, I had no microphone for my vocal or guitar. Chaplains aren't here on Sundays because they schedule speakers like me for each Sunday of the month. So, in all my years of prison ministry, I've learned to not get upset or frustrated, but to just roll with the flow. When I'm relaxed, so are the men. When I'm not, I quench the Spirit and the men are quenched as well. I went ahead with the program with a nearly full chapel and several new men who had never been to one of my services. Because of the new faces, I shared my testimony and did a few songs of introduction. At one point, I was brought to tears and that had a profound effect on the men. I love it when the Spirit flows through me and I feel refreshed and clean. It's a confirmation that I'm on track with the Spirit's flow, for often I'm dealing with some sin I've committed and I'm stifled by self-condemnation. (I hope that makes sense) After the testimony I brought a Christmas message about what the Wise Men sought, and what they brought. It was rather lengthy, but I never lost their attention. When finished, I gave an invitation and led the men in a prayer. No one raised their hand when I asked if there were any first-time decisions, but I sensed that there were a few. We closed by singing Go Tell It On The Mountain. It was a great service!




The men arrived around 1:20. That's normal for my classes. I used to complain but it never did much good, if any. So, I just take it in stride and do the best with what time I have. I did Lord I Lift Your Name On High before we went right into the Truth Project Tour #10 on The American Experiment. This session focuses on how over time, God has been removed from the original cultural foundations that our country was built upon. As usual, these men were quiet and listening... responding when response was called for, showing me they were engaged. After watching it, we completed the written lesson together and had about 10 minutes left before dismiss time. I felt it appropriate to sing a song I had written called Wake Up America. I enjoy these men and they seem to appreciate me as well. We closed in prayer. 




Honestly, I was tired and didn't feel much like making the effort to attend this class. (So much for my passion) Actually, my passion overrode my physical condition and I went in anyway. (If I would exercise more and eat right, I probably wouldn't feel so tired) Actually, I find myself printing words of self-condemnation again, so let me start over. :-)

I was tired and didn't feel much like making the effort to attend this class but went in anyway. 

The guys were delighted to see me and we did a few "hymns" to start the class. That was unusual and many hadn't even heard When We All Get to Heaven, but sang along on Great is Thy Faithfulness. Then one man suggested we sing The Goodness of God. God's presence was in the room and it was a blessing for all of us. One man thanked me for a song I sang last week that had a strong impact on him. I was encouraged by his words. 

I stayed through the whole thing and even offered comments on the study from the book, Your Extraordinary Life. It was good to see discipleship in action. Many of these men who offered comments of their own, were familiar with Jewish customs and exhibited an impressive maturity.

We closed with Blessed Assurance. It was a great way to end a year of ministry!