Kenny Munds Ministry

Hello, my name is Kenny Munds and I am just one man with a guitar, and I sing for Jesus.

Back in the 70’s I was lead singer for a 2-time Academy of Country Music award-winning band called Brush Arbor, recording with Capitol Records songs I wrote; and, while on the road with our own show, we were often asked to front legends like Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, and Charlie Rich.

We were headed for the big time, but I allowed myself to be ambushed when the enemy overrode my Godly principles and I fell deep into drugs and alcohol, spiraling down to a nobody with a guitar, voted out of the band.

But by the Grace of God, the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the forgiveness and love of his Son Jesus Christ, I have been free of my addictions since 1990, and as a Traveling Music Missionary I am showing others through my musical testimony how God helped me see the errors of my ways and how through acceptance of Jesus Christ as my Savior, I remain free from worldly bondage.

I am led to come alongside inmates in jails and prisons to tell them how I overcame those debilitating addictions and how (even though they are bound by the consequences of their actions for the time being) they are free to make choices to ease their journey toward a positive, giving, and contented life. The only real choice is to surrender the will to Jesus and be changed by His power.

Along the way across the 50 states, I am also privileged to share my message and sing my songs about life with Jesus to folks in churches, nursing homes, and any group that feels I can share God’s truths to their membership.

I have been so blessed, and I count it a privilege to Sing for Jesus, and I depend on His Grace to provide my personal needs along the way.