Kenny Munds Ministry

Kenny Munds Ministry / Dec 2023

 Dec 1 / Sanctuary Clinic / Monticello, FL

The bass player and several other patients had moved on and I felt an emptiness inside. I get attached to these patients and then they have to leave. I still had the piano guy and the young lady who sings so well and we led the group in some good worship. I noticed a lot of new faces and look forward to getting acquainted with them. You can see the desperation in their faces as they arrive with the baggage that has brought them here. 

Dec 3 / Sanctuary Clinic / Monticello, FL

The men were attending a weekend conference, so I did worship with the women patients. One of the young ladies had resumed the duties of setting up and providing the lyrics on the TV screen, having been coached by the former helper who had finished his time here and headed back home. The worship songs set up the tone for our speaker. Miss Feliciana presented a video of a song for all of us to join in on. The song was "Yeshua" and the video lasted well over 10 minutes. Then she brought a devotion to close out the morning. The patients interacted with her and it went well. 

Dec 4 / Sanctuary Clinic / Monticello, FL

The men were back from the conference and I chose to do the same worship songs I did with the women yesterday. One of those  songs is a new favorite of mine... Nothing Elseby Cody Carnes... and it set the tone for Chief Burroughs who brought a timely message about Lot's careless decisions that brought disaster on his family. Dr. Hoskins capped it off with some stirring thoughts. 

Dec 6 / Sanctuary Clinic / Monticello, FL

I led the group in 2 Christmas songs; God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and Go Tell It On The Mountain. I followed these songs with my original song, Christmas Eve. The song was about my son and how at 5 years of age, he came to visit me at Christmas in 1975 while I was working in Missouri. Because of my divorce from his mother, I hadn't seen him (except pictures) for over 3 years. I flew him in from California and the song came from that experience. One of the ladies in the group came up after with tears in her eyes, thanking me for sharing it. 


Dec 8 / Indian River County Republicans Christmas Luncheon / Vero Beach, FL

My friend, Dale Glading, a member of this club, set me up to perform for this event. It was held at the Vero Beach Yacht Club and there were approximately 50 people who attended. I had prepared extensively for this program which included a PowerPoint presentation of the lyrics to the songs. I was pleased as to how it went and the people seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the program which I titled; "The Faces of Christmas" Having presented a Winter Face, A Secular Face, A Relationship Face, and a Personal Face, I ended with what I called the True Face, that being the birth of Jesus. After the program, a lady approached me and asked if I would do the same program for her Republican Women's Luncheon on the coming Sunday afternoon. I accepted her invitation.


Dec 9 / Midway Estates / Vero Beach, FL

My friends, Dale and Deanna Glading, live in this RV Park and had scheduled me to perform a Christmas program for the residents in the Club House. We had what he described as a good turnout, somewhere around 45 people. I did the same program I did for the previous luncheon the day before and the folks seemed to really enjoy it. Once again, I brought the gospel through songs of Jesus' birth, the greatest "gift" man could and would ever receive. 


Dec 10 / Midway Estates and Republican Women's Club / Vero Beach, FL

After attending the morning worship service in the Club House at Midway Estates, and singing 3 songs, I had lunch with Pastor Dale and his wife, Deanna, along with their son, Christopher and his wife, Rachel. After lunch, Dale and I drove to Bent Pines Country Club in Vero Beach where I once again did an abbreviated version of my Christmas program. I didn't have as much time here, so I had to eliminate some songs. It went very well, and I picked up yet another invitation to perform at a Republican event next year. 


Dec 11 / Sanctuary Clinic / Monticello, FL

It was back to the Sanctuary Clinic for more praise and worship. I had a new guy on piano and another on bass guitar, and today marked the last day for the young lady who had been so helpful with the vocals during the past month. It was a tearful goodbye to her as we went around the room and heard parting personal farewells from each of the other patients. I purposely put Goodness of God on the program so she could sing it on her last day, and Chief Burrows once again blessed us with a great devotion to cap off the morning.


Dec 13 / Sanctuary Clinic / Monticello, FL

Having had a colonoscopy the day before, I barely had enough strength to make it through the worship songs. I was joined by a new young man on the piano and another on the bass guitar. Pastor Glenn did a great devotion and asked the question; "What is the greatest gift you've received this Christmas?" There were several diverse answers and lots of discussion that sprung from them.