Kenny Munds Ministry

Hello Friends of Kenny Munds Ministry!                            Fall 2018

I had completed about half this report a few days ago, but when I tried to locate it on my Mac, I couldn’t find it! Somehow it got lost because I’m still a novice at this. So, I begin again.

No Longer Pastor at HLC
As you may or may not know, I no longer pastor of Honey Lake Church.

On June 3rd, my final Sunday, I withdrew my name from consideration to stay on after Honey Lake Clinic assumed ownership of the church on June 1st. The new owners have plans to make HLC an online church, with a variety of big-name speakers to man the pulpit. Although they were willing to use me in some capacity, I felt in my heart that it was time for me to step aside and let them bring in some new young talent for this endeavor. I’m thankful that I was able to minister to the needs of many of the patients at the clinic as well as several others who came from considerable distances to hear my sermons. I felt like I had a definite impact as God used me and grew me during my tenure. The congregation was made up of mainly the patients of the clinic itself. As much as I enjoyed being a pastor, my passion was with my prison ministry and felt like I could be more useful and effective if I devoted my time to that passion. No doubt Dr. Hoskins and his staff will do wonders with this beautiful little chapel and it will grow into a fantastic ministry.

 As for me, I’m doing what I love to do where I believe God wants to use me.

My Current Contact Info
I’ve been neglecting my website and will be bringing it up to date soon, with some changes. Those changes will include a new ministry address... a current posting of activities... and more music. At this writing, I have rented a PO Box in Madison to receive mail.

The mailing address is:
PO Box 973
Madison, FL 32340

The ministry address is:
10433 E. East Dr.
Sun Lakes, AZ 85248

My cell phone is the same:
(623) 521-5382


Email:  (

My Current Activities
My current weekly schedule begins on Sunday. I now conduct services two Sundays a month in Madison Correctional (2nd and 3rd), and one Sunday a month in Jefferson Correctional (4th).

Then every Wednesday night, I lead a chapel service in Madison and every Thursday, an afternoon service at Jefferson. Three Saturdays a month I do a morning session at Madison. (The 2nd Saturday belongs to the Spanish church) If there are 5 Saturdays, I cover the extra one.

In August, I visited Cross City Correctional (which is approximately an hour drive to the south of me) where I did programs in the East Unit and the Main Unit. The chaplain recently sent me an email saying the men requested I return so I’m currently trying to work me into their schedule for next year.

I’m also planning on starting a weekly program back in the Madison Work Camp if I can arrange a spot on my schedule.

In November, I’m to travel to Vero Beach, Florida, for a Fall Bible Conference hosted by Risk-Takers for Christ ministry. I was asked to provide music and worship for the event. While there, I’m setting up a visit to the Indian River County Jail to do a program or two.

Something New!
A friend of mine purchased some property near Monticello, Florida and is in the process of restoring it for ministry purposes. There is a dire need for discipleship nowadays since there seems to be a lack of commitment in the body of Christ. Christians are struggling to maintain their walk on their own, without having been trained and equipped to utilize the power of the Holy Spirit to help them. Many believers aren’t even aware of the spiritual warfare going on today. Consequently, they are like the fig tree that withers, producing no fruit., Many well-meaning believers only commit no further than attending Sunday morning service.  This property will be used for discipleship ministry for anyone wishing to have a deeper relationship with Jesus, their primary goal being to make Him Lord of their lives. It will be a training center for spiritual warfare, equipping them to evangelize and minister healing and deliverance. I’m helping my friend in whatever way I can, and have agreed to do programs for future residents once the house is staffed and ready for service.  Other friends in the construction business of restoring property are helping coordinate some much-needed repairs. It may take some time since even after the restoration, there will be legal restraints to overcome such as zoning laws, etc. We’d appreciate your prayers for this vital mission as we wait to see where the Lord leads us.

I’ve also been involved in helping a homeless couple who had formerly spent time in prison. Often, I pick them up for church and give them rides to and from the supermarket. The same friend (who would rather remain anonymous) that is developing the property in Monticello discovered them along a roadside in Tallahassee. They now have a small modest two-room apartment and we’ve helped them apply for food stamps and medical assistance. I had the privilege of baptizing the lady and purchased her a Bible on her birthday that she treasures. God is doing great things for this couple and it’s because of people like you who help support this ministry that we are able to help.

New Living Quarters
I sold my travel trailer to a lady who remodeled it and has it ready for one of the men who is being released from Madison Correctional in November. (I used the money to pay off my Ford truck) So, I’m blessed to have some good Christian friends who own a cabin on several acres near Madison, and they invited me to live there free of charge to help support the ministry. They have their own nice home and this is just one of their many properties. I would be in dire straits financially if I had to pay rent and utilities right now. In turn, I keep the acreage mowed and looking decent. They are delighted to have me as a tenant because they’ve had some pretty bad experiences with others who have occupied it in the past. Savvy (my dog) and I enjoy the privacy and the quiet peaceful atmosphere. To my spiritual benefit, there is no internet or TV service available here.

The Core of the Message
Behind the razor wire and prison walls there exists a social structure with various cultures, and religions much like our world except on a smaller scale.  And as I have emphasized in my past reports, my ministry to these men is primarily discipleship. The scripture in Ephesians 4: 11-13 describes the job description of all those who are called into ministry. It’s my responsibility to equip and train those who fall under my leadership. And Jesus’ commission was to “Go and make disciples.” I see myself as a pastor (shepherd) to my flock in what I will call my “prison church.” By training them in spiritual warfare, they then become equipped to carry the message to the “world within those walls” and I challenge them to do that. That’s what “the” church is commissioned to do.

The discipleship sessions include certain DVD series such as John Eldredge’s’ Wild at Heart – A Band of Brothers, and Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby. I’ve used certain lessons from Victorious Christian Living and The Truth Project is now being shown for the 4th time. Another series I plan to use is Hearing from God by Mark and Patti Virkler. I find that there is a peaceful freedom in hearing from God and let Him guide me before I act on anything.

The Sunday services and the Wednesday night Chapel are more evangelical, where I offer an invitation at the end. Last week I had four men come forward to receive Christ. My goal is to get these men mature enough in the Lord to invite and attract other men to the evangelical meetings.

In the weekly discipleship sessions, the attendance remains consistently at 70 (or so) in Jefferson. The Madison group is more varied, but usually, I can expect at least 40. Sometimes, as in the case last month, a certain dorm may be quarantined due to an illness which comes to play on how many men show up. Some of the sessions require us to break up into small 4-man groups where the discussion becomes more personal. I’m watching men grow in Christ. Truth be told... we all grow together.

I don’t have impressive numbers to throw at you as some ministries do, I just tell you like it is.

The most important and effective thing my ministry has going for it is consistency. The chaplains tell me I have the most turnout of any of the other ministries because the men know I’m going to be there. These guys are like family. They know my struggles and my personal challenges. I share with them my pain and victories as they in turn share with me their own. They pray for me. And they respect my transparency.

Some Closing Personal Remarks
I just turned 70 on September 30 and I’m starting to feel the effects of aging when I sing and play my guitar. It’s not as easy as it used to be. But I believe that’s evidence of my decrease and His increase. The less I rely on my gifts and talent, the more I rely on Him. And the more I rely on Him, the more effective I become in my spiritual life which better equips me for my leadership. Up until recently, I’ve always leaned on those gifts.  Now it’s more the opposite. I lean on Him! The less of me they see, the more of Him shines through. As a result, my gifted abilities fall under His authority and guidance as it should be. These are spiritual lessons I’ve been learning as I grow older. Still, I can crank out a song, especially when empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Since I left Honey Lake, I’ve had to fight against spirits of doubt and fear, along with periods of self-condemnation and if not for a “band of brothers” to hold me up in prayer and support, I don’t know what I would have done. We need each other, my brothers and sisters, especially in these times where civility has been replaced with anger and violence. The resistance toward Christianity grows as the days go by and if we ourselves are not “discipled” into spiritual warriors, we will give in to the enemy who will overtake us. In the end, God will prevail, as He said in His word. But in the meantime, we are to train and get ready for more battles. We are saved by grace, through faith, and faith without works is dead.

May we all come alive because we’re at war!

I thank God for you my friends, for your support, whether it’s financial or otherwise, and I will do my best to be worthy of your faith in me. If you are satisfied with my report, please invite other friends to check it out and maybe come on board to offer some support. I dislike soliciting financial help because I’m bombarded daily from other ministries to donate. On the other hand, I am open to any criticisms or suggestions from you should you feel the need to share them.

May God richly shine His favor upon you and bring you peace...


Hebrews 13:3